Friday, July 29, 2011

Hatred by any other name

First I need to extend my deepest condolences and prayers to the nation of Norway and the family of the innocent victims slaughtered by a madman seeking a new revolution to "cleanse" Europe.  I believe that this horrible incident of mass murder is a good opportunity to speak about the issue of intolerance and Islamophobia.  In almost all media outlets as word of the Norway massacre slowly seeped out there was a consesus forming that a muslim terrorist had committed this act of unspeakable horror.  Something struck me as wrong about this incident and as a Muslim I commented to my wife that this does not seem right.  I was convinced that a Muslim was not responsible for this act of mass murder.  Also I believe that no true follower of Islam would ever commit an act such as this because Islam is a religion of peace and the true believers respect all humanity.  Those who claim to follow Islam and preach hate or death they are lost and will reside in the hell fire because they have twisted and distorted the message of the Prophet Muhammad (PBH) and the All Knowing Creator, ALLAH.  Eventually the media released information that the Norwegian murderer was not a Muslim in fact he was a virulent Islamophobic, Xenophobic delusional "Christian".  I will go on the record as stating that this monster is not a Christian anymore than Osama Bin Laden is a Muslim.  Both of these fools are demons or some form of evil lower animal.  As time passed this lunatics writing and ramblings via a manifesto were released and what we learned was very troubling essentially this murderer wanted to punish Norway for accepting foreign immigration and cleanse his country through some sort of violent upheaval.  It is important to note that many "respectable" websites such as Atlas Shrugged and Jihad Watch were among the preferred and recommend sites of this sociopath.  The point is very simple websites like Atlas Shrugged pose as libertarian free thinking website but they are beacons of hate and intolerance and a meeting point and inspiration for psychopaths such as the Norway murderer.  I have not used his name because I will not honor him by addressing him by first name he does not deserve this respect from me or anyone else.  Bottom line websites that preach hate whether they are neo-con, xenophobic, jihadist or pretending to be libertarian only accomplish one thing and that thing is promotion of hate and ignorance.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


There was a lot of people making excuses for Herman Cain when he made offensive comments about his stance on allowing Muslims to serve on his Cabinet.  Well there can no longer be a defense of this idiot he is a full-blown islamophobe and/or a hypocrite.  He says that he is not against Islam or Muslims but believes that communities should be allowed to ban mosques from being built in their towns.  His reasoning well Islam is different because it includes a set of laws aka the infamous and often misunderstood Sharia law and also a religion.  Mr. Cain is an idiot, a bigot and clearly not an Islamic scholar this people repeatedly slander Islam with only the most elementary and highly distorted view of what our religion actually entails.  It is a sad and terrifying prospect that an imbecile like Herman Cain could be the next POTUS.  This is also a teachable moment that hate speech has no position among civilized people and for the GOP an opportunity to demonstrate whether they stand with religious freedom or with close-minded bigotry.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's the Economy Stupid

Now that Obama's bounce in the polls from killing USL has come and gone some people are asking what happened?  I mean Obama personally wrestled and choked out the world's most wanted terrorist and he only got a two week bump in opinion polls what gives?  Well to quote the Democrats it's the economy stupid!  I mean you know the economic outlook is bleak when old Ronald McDonald the timeless clown might be getting the boot.  Apparently some people want McDonald's to fire Ronald McDonald which makes perfect sense given the nation's outrageously high unemployment rate.  Normally in times of crisis I am the first person to shout send in the clowns or in this case the clown but the cry will be for naught because the clown has been fired. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Not that one band with the loud music and "cool" attitude no I am referring to cornering a female and then impregnating her in order to have a new generation of Buffalo sports fans.  Of course I am not advocating having new Bills fans out of wedlock that is what Jets fans or god forbid PATRIOTS fans do.  No we Bills fans are of a higher calling and breeding stock we marry our ladies before planting the seeds of tomorrow.  Is that creepy?  To sit and think about reproducing just to increase the Marv Levy army?  If you agree that breeding to fill out the season ticket rolls of Ralph Wilson Stadium is one of your main duties in life then this will be right up your sick and twisted little alley.  Losing is the legacy I will pass onto my progeny and this is our lifestyle go BILLS!